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Canvas 1 Seater Sheesham Wood Mustard Fabric Wooden Sofa

Canvas 1 Seater Sheesham Wood Mustard Fabric Wooden Sofa

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A fusion of old world charm and contemporary minimalist theme, the Canvas Sofa by Peachtree adds an elegant touch to your living room. Made from solid Sheesham wood in a deep honey finish, each piece is built to last a lifetime. The mustard toned fabric upholstery and blue cushions create a playful contrast that makes the room come alive.
Item Code : Pt4019
Sofa Type : Wooden Sofa
Material : Sheesham Wood & Fabric
Color : Honey Wood & Mustard Fabric
Seating Capacity : 1 Seater
Upholstery Included : Yes
Upholstery Material :  Loose Fiber
Upholstery Color :  Mustard
Upholstery Type : Cushion
Arms Shape : Square
Dimensions : 34X33X37
Weight :  25Kg
Assembly : Pre-Assembled


  • (1)For long durability of wooden furniture,please avoid excessive exposure of wooden pieces to sunlight,heat or cold.
  • (2)Moisture and heat can damage any wood finish.Use of coasters and trivets is advisible to protect your furniture.Mositure should be wiped out promptly and should be immediately dried with soft cloth.
  • (3)Try using all-purpose cleaner for spot cleaning by spraying on effected area and use dry soft cloth for cleaning.
  • (4)It is observed that wood expand and contract with changes in seasonal humidity.Maintaining consistent humidity levels will minimize movement in the wood and prevent warping.
  • (5)Avoid dragging sharp or rough objects across the surface of your wood furniture as it might lead to scratches. Use adhesive felt pads, trivets, coasters and placemats to help prevent scratches.
  • (6)Over time, air and sunlight will change the color of natural wood so occasionally rotate the items placed on your wood furniture to allow a more uniform color to develop.


  • (1)It is observed that dust and dirt causes fabric to wear fastly so regular vacuuming is recommended with an upholstery attachment.It keeps pet hair at bay and minimises odour also.
  • (2)Direct sunlight should be avoided in case of upholstered furniture as it may leads to fading.Dark fabrics and natural fibers like cotton are more vulnerable to fading
  • (3)Half yearly professional cleaning is recommended in case of unpholstered furniture
  • (4)Treat stains immediately for the best results. Blot up as much of the spill as possible with a clean, dry, white cloth working from the outer edge to the center of the stain.Don't rub as strain may work more into fabric.Use a hair dryer on the lowest heat setting to evenly dry the fabric and prevent moisture rings


3 year warranty for sofas against manufacturing defects, not covering fabric and wear-tear
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Peachtree Quality Assurance
  • (1)Each piece of furniture goes through a rigorous 3-stage quality inspection process
  • (2)Wood used is treated and seasoned to ensure that it is resistant to weather changes & pests and the natural oils are preserved in the process.
  • (3)Ironware is painted with non-toxic, nickel based paints to increase weather resistance and make the product more environment friendly
  • (4)Post sales feedback is incorporated into our production and delivery process to improve the overall customer experience
  • (5)Our core competitiveness lies in solid wood products and in preserving and highlighting the wood's natural nuances